Being ASM Logistics Platform, which receives all packets coming into the north of Barcelona, our company offers many advantages, the most important for you, if your business is located in this area of Barcelona, you can manage the output their packages much later! This and many more advantages, along with our prices, ReadBox become the most competitive in the express parcels sector.

Asm 8,30:Next day delivery before 8:30 AM.
Asm 14:Next day delivery before 2 pm to any destination.
Asm Economy:For domestic shipments with a transit time of 24/72 hrs.
Asm Mailbag:Daily outward / return pick-up and delivery before 10 am the day after collection. The bags can be delivered and collected in the same act or delivery and collection schedules deferens.
Asm Andorra:Pick up and next day delivery within 24 hrs next day, to any address.
Asm Sea transport Canary:For large volume shipments from the Peninsula to the Canary Islands destination.
Asm 10:Next day delivery before 10 am to any destination.
Asm 24:Express service next day delivery within 24 hrs to any destination.
Asm Saturaday:Saturday Special Delivery before 2PM.
Asm Portugal:Pick up and next day delivery within 24 hrs next day.
Asm Reimbursement:Payment of the cost of the package to the courier on delivery, by cash or via POS, sending the money back to the client.

Asm Reembolso: Abono del coste del paquete a la entrega al mensajero, en metálico o vía TPV, efectuando la devolución del dinero al cliente.

Fuel Surcharge

Readbox does not apply any fuel surcharge for all the shipments within the country.

Logistics and Storage

Our logistics solutions integrate the following functions, which can be customized according to your business needs:

  • Storage
  • Receiving information
  • Picking / Packing
  • Reverse Logistics

In Readbox we focus our efforts on providing the most optimal service from storage to transport ordering, integrating and optimizing multiple services into one.

Due to our extensive network of over 400 agencies we are able to offer express delivery in 24 hours and ensure the highest quality of services anywhere in Spain and Portugal. Our experience in this field has enabled us to develop technological applications that will facilitate the tracking of your goods.